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When your team is family and the bottom line matters.

Discover the keys to scaling your business with a process that fuels your life, not consumes it.

Your team is family. You care about your clients. And you are NOT the type of person to be shy around letting others see that.


You are transparent and real.


You lead with humility and heart. You are always seeking to evolve and be the best version of yourself.


You live your values: human beings come first. You know the bottom line is not the heartbeat of your company. Your people are. 


While you recognize that profit is critical to sustainability, you also recognize that the emotional and professional support for your employees is deeply connected to the success of your company. 

You're profitable. Your team is filled with gifted people who are loyal to your vision. They’re working on projects and the company is poised for growth.

But you realize what got you here will not get you there.

Are you already thinking about your business before you open your eyes in the morning? Are you worrying about the projects you dished to your team being completed to your standards?


Are you communicating your vision but sense that not everyone is on the same wavelength?


Are you the hub in your business?


If so, you are holding mental accountability for the entire organization.


There are not enough hours in the day or space in your brain.

"Catherine is one of the best investments we've made for our team"

"At construction2style, we're a small yet always in growth mode team, and when we're in the thick of things, one of the biggest challenges we face is leadership training. One thing we are confident in is investing in yourself and your team. We are firm believers that good people, good energy, elevating with those who are smarter than you, only leads to bigger and better growth opportunities.


From the moment I met Catherine, I knew she was "my people." And we immediately formed a bond, connection, and friendship. Soon after, we hired Brass Tacks With Heart and it was one of the best investments we could have made for our team. Not only did she dial into our processes, financials, and met with our team one-on-one, she helped us make fast and quick changes within our brand and business that we were able to implement immediately.


I know without some of these changes, we wouldn't be where we are at - ending our 2022 year.


She also leads with heart, and truly and genuinely cares about everyone on our team - personally and professionally. There wasn't one session where she didn't remind us of what life is truly about. And it made me continuously stop, reflect and slow down at times. Our conversations were a safe space, the trust was there, and not only for myself but our team knew they could trust her with anything and without it being shared with one another.


To make a change personally or professionally for the better good of our lives and brand. I can't recommend Catherine and her team enough." 

morgan molitor
construction 2 style

I can help you activate your team. 


To foster ownership in your vision...


To communicate clearly defined roles and responsibilities throughout your organization...

Result: comprehensive engagement and accountability without micromanagement.


Imagine scaling your business without putting your “real life” on hold.


Without staying glued to your laptop...


Without your cell phone at the dinner table...


Without your team constantly seeking approval for their next steps.


You can create space between you and your brand and have the confidence your team will own it.

This is not a dress rehearsal. You deserve to realize your vision for your business and your life.

I'm Catherine

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After surviving the harrowing leadership roles of CEO and MOM to three boys, I’ve committed myself to helping leaders successfully navigate the challenges of aligning people, performance, and profits. 


I help heart-centered founders and executives of midsize companies that are experiencing rapid growth. The stakes couldn't be higher as you navigate the treacherous waters of scaling your business. I specialize in guiding leaders like you when every decision could mean the difference between skyrocketing success or catastrophic failure. With my strategic counsel, unlocking the path to sustainable growth while avoiding the pitfalls that could spell disaster is within reach.  Imagine being free from the burden of holding mental accountability for every aspect of the business- 24/7 and the satisfaction of your business not just surviving but thriving. 

When I’m not at my computer, you will find me creating or challenging myself in some way for the pure joy of learning something new. Traveling is one of my favorite ways to learn.  But while on the home front you will usually find me in the kitchen, listening to my favorite music, while making something savory or sweet from scratch.  Sometimes with a recipe, but mostly I just follow my taste buds. :-))  My latest “new thing”? Riding an eMountain bike, (thanks to the man in my life who loves new adventures!) 

"Her valuable insights helped me navigate the challenges of running a business."

"Not only is she incredibly smart, talented, and strategic, but she's also a good-hearted person and truly cares about the success of her clients. Her connections in the industry have been instrumental in helping me grow my business."

Juan Bravin
Co-Founder and CEO of Kairospace Technologies

Beyond Just "Getting Down to Business."

This is Brass Tacks with Heart

In the years since I began coaching, and after often hearing the echo of my son's challenges, "Are you walkin' the talk, Mom"...

I've explored several systems and methodologies in the coaching world. They offer value and important perspectives but I came to the conclusion that my clients deserve the full spectrum of my experience.

Something that doesn't sync with a system or method of coaching.

This isn't a one-size fits all solution.

This is real life.

The good, the uncomfortable, the vulnerable, the challenging, and the complete array of emotions that are an unavoidable part of running a business.

This is a customized, holistic approach to business coaching.  Yes, there are basic similarities in running every business, but there are also varied dynamics that impact the pace, the style, the culture and the outcomes that make your organization unique. 

While establishing the systems and processes to help your team run autonomously is important, the real leverage point is located within you.  

"Catherine Exceeded Our Expectations"

"The way she was able to help our company grow has been phenomenal. I can't recommend her enough!

She was the key difference maker for us!"

Tonny Lam
Hook & Ladder

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Let's Build Together...

Well, you read this far…


Why not take the next step? Let’s have a conversation.

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