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Every company has two dialogues; one at the C-Level and the one the rest of the company is having.

As a leader we sometimes catch ourselves drawing conclusions about why our team is or isn’t “getting it”, “owning it” or “delivering it” and, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that the team is doing the same thing from their perspective.


If left unchecked, this is a crack in the communication that can widen to such proportions that it impacts not only the culture but the productivity of the entire organization.

I developed a process that I call Brass Tacks with Heart, to help companies grow an Ownership Mindset and tap into their team’s gifts, talents, and valuable insights.


This process takes you from being a slave to the operational details to having the confidence in your team that allows you the time & freedom to think, lead and innovate strategically, as well as to find work/life balance in a whole new way.  


The keys for any business to survive in today’s environment: innovation balanced with tight reigns on the financial metrics.  I help you unlock the needed financial clarity around direct and indirect expenses and the margins that overtime, become the predictable base for your business decisions.  


Closing the gap between “going with your gut” and “knowing in black and white” is the difference between a good night’s rest with confidence in your decisions and many sleepless nights spent second guessing yourself. 

Here's how it works...


1: Bridge the Gap to Leadership

First, we invite your team to a conversation about the Big Picture. 


This goes far beyond the once-a-year update.  It is a predictable, regular communication with your team that provides context for understanding the full landscape and trajectory of the business. (not the financial details, just a road map with a clear destination and WHY you are heading there.)


Here we develop your team’s ability to see and understand where they fit as it relates to how the company achieves its goals.


This is the key differentiator between a team that takes initiative and carries your brand vision forward compared to one that needs your constant intervention.


This leads to a value add that is exponentially better than you sailing the ship without knowing what’s going on below the deck. This is the bridge between the C suite and the team and a perspective that is consistently overlooked in 90% of other companies.

2: Optimize Decision Making

This begins with leveling up the quality of your team’s contributions by providing a basic understanding of how money flows through your business: from top line revenue, direct and indirect expenses and target margins that determine profitability and sustainability.


This is not complete financial transparency but by providing the 35,000 foot perspective of basic financial metrics you will help your team recognize what decisions are good (financially sound) and which ones are bad for the company.


Armed with this knowledge, you can now trust your team on a whole new level to take initiative to meet the brand standard you set and build infrastructure.  You can park your helicopter to watch them soar and see your business grow and thrive.  


What’s that saying, “many hands, light work” that is the goal.


This process fundamentally changes the way your team looks at everything. When they are sharing the load with making smart decisions to further stabilize the company, it is a game changer in your organization.


3: Align the Team

The last prong to this approach addresses your communication with your team. 


The question becomes: are we allowing our team to develop their critical thinking skills? 


How will they learn the lessons necessary to process complex issues and solve challenging problems with the big picture in mind, if we are always providing the right answer?  


If we are focused on developing the way they think rather than how to complete the task in the moment, then we are setting the stage for them to grow.  By asking questions to prompt new ways of thinking we send an important message to our people I trust you and I believe you have the capacity to make good decisions (which builds reciprocal trust and confidence). 

We recognize our real WIN happens when they discover how to think through, systems, people, processes, and financial impact.  


Their success brings to bear two outcomes; first, they are able to develop a logical solution that is both profitable and supports the growth trajectory of the business; and second, they can successfully carry to the finish line which sets you FREE to lead, to be the visionary and to reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication in a whole new way.


I can work with your senior management team directly or I can guide you to empower them. The end result is an alignment between the C suite and the rest of the company with strong, candid, and productive communication across all segments of your business.


You have now set yourself free from the burden of holding mental accountability for every area of your business. You have a team that “gets it” and now the sky's the limit!

I want to be your Bat Phone. Not the person telling you "here's your solution to fix it." I'm going to listen, walk beside you, help you examine the angles, and identify the right next steps for your business - not just press the "easy button" for me.

This process is not done in a vacuum; it is based in the financial realities of your business. We will use, develop or refine your reporting to create a window into the metrics that will support confident, informed and sound decision-making regarding profitability


Imagine not having to rely on just your gut, knowing at a glance that your decisions are on solid ground and made with the focus on strengthening your financial position. 


I’ve done turnarounds before and have experienced the peace that comes with clarity around your profitability and cash flow.  

I want that for you.

When you combine heart and brass tacks, you have a rare ally.

Very few businesses have at their disposal someone who brings empathy, experience, big picture awareness and bottom-line savvy all rolled into one.

If you resonate with a transparent relationship where connection and trust permeate the discussion, we can co-create something far more meaningful than just strategies and deliverables.

We can build the bridge to your vision.


"Your coaching wasn't based on the system you wanted to overlay..."

Rob Thomas
President & CEO Water Rock Financial

Let's Build Together...

Well, you read this far…


Why not take the next step? Let’s have a conversation.

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